Tony Hawk is responsible for revolutionizing and changing skateboarding culture. Whether it be through his own achievements or his video games, his influence can be considered larger than many other prevalent athletes of his time. His influence is almost unmatched. He has won over 70 skating competitions and won choice awards when put up against athletes such as Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods. His video game franchise is worth well over one billion dollars today as just recently, they released another Tony Hawk Pro Skater game, over 20 years after the original release. His inspiration and talent gave thousands of kids and adults the motivation to pick up a skateboard and start skating. He also is the founder of The Skateboard Project. The Skateboard Project is responsible for millions of dollars being contributed to build skate parks in predominantly low income areas for people to have a safe and healthy area to develop their skateboarding talents and passions. The sources explored include YouTube videos, Britannica, news articles, and many more to find the information and images/videos included in each collection. They even include Tony Hawk's own website and business affiliations. Not only does all of this explain the importance of just his career, but his influence on thousands of others, even years after his retirement from professional skateboarding.